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Can I tell you a story, my story. It's not to impress you but to impress upon you that anyone can work in the movies if they want to. It's the old if I can do it then anyone can. You see I was always a kid who loved action films and play fighting with my mates. I looked up to the idea of an action movie star who would help people in need.

I wanted an action star in my life, I looked around and only saw villains. So I decided to become the action star in my life, back then I never thought that it could be something I could actually do for a living. So i started to train boxing at my local PCYC and I was learning martial arts from my brother and friends.

I also developed another passion and that was photography and story telling. I did't know at the time but all these skills grew and merged into a film career starting at the age of 15.

30 years later and I have worked consistently and on great projects and with amazing people. The funny thing is that they all have a similar story.

Just like yours.

So now we can pick and choose the projects we like and follow our own interests and passions, hence Action Movie Star TV.

We know the hard yards that are ahead of you and what traps to avoid. We all know the saying


Wouldn't it be good to know not only what to do and how to land the gigs and meet the right people but also how to conduct yourself so that you keep getting hired.

The AMS TV team have so much experience and knowledge that there is no point in telling you here, you would have to come inside for that.

When you are a member you can have access to our knowledge and resources and reach out to us for direct advice.

You can be the star of your own film and we have great competitions for you as well.  We take action knowledge off the big screen and into your hands.

Alright we will still do the big screen, but we invite you to join in on the fun.

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