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Action Movie Star TV - About us

Action Movie Star TV's vision is to create a place where filmmakers, investors and future action stars could go to learn and benifit in many ways by interacting with each other. We want to give anyone from anywhere in the world the chance to learn from the best, be seen by people who love what you do and to help financially support and benifit our members.

At Action Movie Star TV there are several sections

Action Movie Star Reality Tv show - Ten contestants worldwide are flown to the Action set and compete to be the "Action Movie Star" for 2018

Stunt Gag - a regular monthly stunt gag competition. The contestants send in a 60 second video performing the gag. The internet votes and the winner gets cash, prizes and training.

Tutorials - How do you do this? We got asked that a lot so we filmed a bunch of stunts and action and training videos and it's growing from sugestions from our members and fans of the channel. If you want to learn how to do something then someone else does as well, so contact us and let us know what else you want to know. This is not just for the action guys, we love the behind the scenes tech stuff and filmmaking stuff as well.

Movies - You can watch Action Films from around the world.

Make Money - Your film can be added to our library and we pay you each month regardless of views. People will love your film, but even if they didn't you still make money. We want to help with a monthly base cash flow so that you can keep on making movies.

Producer - If you have a film that is looking for financing, we have an investor base looking for films. We do have a standard for a film to qualify for investment, but once you are ready we can show it to the investors.

Investors - Invest in the FIlm and Tv industry with confidence with us. We work with the producers and our investors to achieve the best result for all parties involved.

Action Blogs - Each week we cover an action star.

Shop - Of course we have a shop, it's the internet. You have to, it's silly not to. Right. Have a look we have some stuff we think is cool.

So check it all out below.

See you on Set

"Stunt Gag" Challenge

Each month we have a "Stunt Gag" competition for you to upload a 60 second video and the internet votes on who they like the best. The winner gets cash, prizes and training.

Reality Tv Show - Action Movie Star

We take 10 contestants from anywhere in the world and give them the chance to compete under the guidence of World Class Action film industry professionals.

The "Action Movie Star" wins cash prize of $50,000 usd plus more prizes and training.

A film is also attached to the winner, but we will tell you more about that later.

Action Tutorials

We had a lot of requests for how to do certain stunts and what are the tricks behind it for performers and filmmakers. So we put that together and it is constantly building and we love it when you ask us to show you something


Watch a movie

Watch action films from around the world and know that your membership keeps all of our filmmakers in regular income. You will be helping to make better action films by supporting them.



Join up to watch movies.

Submit a movie

So you've made a Action film and are not sure what to do with it. If it's a short then send it to us and we are happy to include it for our members to watch. If you have made a feature film then submit that and we will pay you each and every month.

Investor or Producer

Action Movie Star TV has a film finance and investment division. You can apply for funding for your film project or apply to be an investor.

Action Profiles

Weekly posts about action stars we love. A different look to the Stars.


We have stuff and if you like stuff then feel free to pop along and look at our stuff.

Let's be Friends of the Internet Kind

You know the drill here. We write something enticing and you join up to our newsletter. Let's be more honest, we would love you to sign up and we will send you our monthly newsletter, because we love it. It's an easy read and it keeps you up to date and you can contact us as well. So that's nice.

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